Supporting Artisans

The tote bags in my shop are all ethically produced in the USA. My mission is to support the artisans who create the textiles featured in each tote bag. I have scoured the globe in search of these beautiful fair trade textiles.

My family originates from Mexico, where I spent the early years of my life before emigrating to the USA. It was the sights and sounds of the markets, the colorful crafts, the textiles and the beauty of our indigenous cultures that inspired my love for travel and the cultures around the world.

Weaving the Future Together

For me, sourcing global textiles is about more than just collecting beautiful fabric - it is a way to support under-resourced communities in a dignified and sustainable way. My education in International Development, combined with my own family’s difficult journey emigrating from Mexico to the USA, cemented my belief in the importance and significance of purchasing and using fair trade textiles.

We Are All Connected

The cultures of our world are a reminder to me of how connected we all are. I hope my tote bags remind you of the connection we have to one another, and help to inspire your own creativity.

In gratitude and joy,