Welcome! All tote bags are handmade in the USA with fabric from around the world.

The African Print Collection

The new African Print Collection is made from 100% cotton fabric with gorgeous African designs. I purchased the fabric from the RE:LINK platform. RE:LINK is an e-commerce platform where you can source authentic African products and connect to a network of African owned businesses. It is a black owned business serving as a connector of the diaspora. I met the two founders of RE:LINK while participating in the Black and Brown Founders bootcamp last year. We stayed in touch and when they launched their platform last year I felt very lucky to be able to use it to connect with their fabric vendor Mandika Style. This is their story:

"We’re not African-inspired, made elsewhere. We’re African; in, by and for Africa. Mandinka Style understands the importance of buying from African artisans to circulate wealth in our communities. We wanted to create a brand in the market, that highlights our culture and the spirit of our people. We’re the trendsetters, the tastemakers, the architects of culture. The story of Africa, of black people, of Africans, has too often been mistold. Mandinka Style shares our story, our way: locally sourced crafts and garments, from native people, birthed by the African continent and steeped in tradition. By employing local people in Africa, Mandinka Style helps them create a sustainable, independent lifestyle for themselves and their families."
Check out the new collection here.