Quick Update

I have been selling handmade tote bags through my online store for a few years. I love all of the creative aspects of having an online store, from sourcing the fabric, to designing and creating the product, to the photography of the products and also maintaining an online presence.

I’m realizing that I don’t have time to make all of the tote bags and maintain the online store, along with having a full-time job. The true purpose of my business is to support the artisans and small businesses who make the textiles for my tote bags. So I decided that alongside making my own tote bags, I’m going to purchase fair trade bags already made by artisans!

It is a big change for me because I’ve been a maker for so long. I’m going to switch over to supporting artisans by purchasing their already made products. 

Starting now you will see beautiful bags from different fair trade vendors worldwide. I’m excited for this transition! 


The first part of this new collection is on the website now. With new products coming in the next few weeks.
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