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Zippered Change Purse - Black

Zippered Change Purse - Black

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These cheerful hand-embroidered change purses are made from recycled Mayan blouses. Use these zippered change purses to carry your cash, credit cards and other small treasures.  Because these change purses are made from recycled blouses, each piece will vary from those shown. 

Recycled hand-embroidered Mayan blouses

7" Wide and 5" Long

This bag was handmade in a fair trade workshop in Guatemala. It is from the shop Altiplano, they are committed to creating innovative products that support indigenous communities and the environment. They work with many cooperative groups, small family businesses, and their own fair trade workshop in Guatemala.

Made in Guatemala

Hand-wash gently in cold water and allow to air dry. 

Please Note: Due to the handmade nature of this item, the colors or patterns may vary slightly from bag to bag.

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