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Rover Clutch

Rover Clutch

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This fair trade beauty is perfect as a clutch and wallet. Use it to organize your tote bag or on its own when going out for coffee or the grocery store. The wrist handle is made from suede and is super comfortable.

This clutch has a zipper top, an exterior pocket with zipper and no pockets inside. 

Cotton and suede

6” Long and 9” Wide

This bag was handmade by women in India and is from the Fair Trade Federation Member shop Fair Anita. They work with three worker cooperatives that partner with artisan women in India and not only provide fair wages but also health insurance, education scholarships, childcare and other benefits based on the location.

Made in India

Hand-wash gently in cold water and allow to air dry. It is safe to iron the body of the bag, but do not place iron directly onto the straps or suede parts.

Please Note: Due to the handmade nature of this item, the colors or patterns may vary slightly from bag to bag.

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