Pursuing Entrepreneurship

For the past few years I have been selling my hand-made tote bags on Etsy. Working a full-time job, combined with my other responsibilities, meant that I was not able to prioritize my Etsy shop. However, although I was not able to dedicate the time I wanted to my shop, it remained an important priority and my dedication persisted. I often questioned why I was spending what little free time I had on this venture, but I now believe that it was out of a need to create.

I once heard a wise woman say that: “In order to be close to the creator, you must create.”

I love the creative aspects of having an online store, from sourcing the fabric, to designing and creating the product, to the photography of the products and also maintaining an online presence. I wish I had known in college how much I enjoy product design and marketing. However, through school I was able to follow my passion for international development and culture. This symbiotically-fused with my passion for creation and guided the direction that my business is heading.

This year I decided to use what I learned from my Etsy shop and channel my efforts into progressing my business. I won’t be pursuing it full-time, just yet, but I am grateful to have a job at a non-profit organization that allows me to fund this dream. 

It feels important for me to document my journey through entrepreneurship, and to involve my customers in the process. If you are interested in following it, stay tuned for updates. Thank you for your support!

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